Aragon project updates: September 2020

Optimistic Snapshot, Conviction voting, NFTs, and more DAOs powered by Aragon!

Hey everyone!

September was a transformational month for Aragon and marked breakthroughs in scalable voting, user ownership, and experimental governance.

Let’s dive right in!

Optimistic Snapshot 📸

Optimistic Snapshot makes token voting scalable and binding. Tokenholders can vote with just a signature (for free) and after the vote anyone can enact the proposal on-chain via a DAO. If someone tries to enact an illegitimate proposal it gets disputed and sent to Aragon Court. Big, big breakthrough. Read more →

Yearn proposal 🔵

Aragon One introduced the idea of implementing Optimistic Snapshot for yearn governance. The proposed mechanism would replace the current multi-sig based governance with decentralized governance using Optimistic Snapshot. Read more →

#PoweredByAragon launches! 🚀

👻 Aavegotchi DAO - Collect, compete, and combine your Aavegotchis for the ultimate gamified DeFi experience! Read more →

🌄 Decentraland DAO - Make decisions that shape the future of the metaverse. Read more →

🌉 Barn Bridge - Cross-Platform Fluctuation Derivatives Protocol: Tokenizing Risk with Fixed Yield and Volatility Tranche Products. Read more →

With so many DAOs launching, it can be hard to keep track of them all. We've updated to include links to socials, chats, forums, Githubs, and DAOs for every community.

Twitter avatar for @AragonProjectAragon 🦅 @AragonProject
With so many DAOs launching it can be hard to keep track of them all 🚀🚀🚀👀 We've updated to include links to socials, chats, forums, Githubs, and DAOs for every community🔗🦅🐦💬🐈📷 Discover an Aragon community today!Powered By AragonDiscover the creators and communities that are

Belarus protestors experimenting with DAOs 🔌

We’ve always hoped out tools would be used by activists facing oppression. Activists in Belarus are experimenting with Aragon DAOs to fight for their freedom.

Twitter avatar for @iamcrumplecatCrumple🐾 @iamcrumplecat
Hey #dao-fighters for freedom🐾Join the time-requested and action-oriented 'DAO for protests & activism' discussion🔌 ⏰Start from September 10, on @AragonProject here➡️… and in Discord chat💭 #DAOforProtest #DAOforActivism #BUIDLinProtest #BelarusProtest Image

Aragon 🦅 @AragonProject

DAO wizards, a call to help @iamcrumplecat bootstrap a DAO for #BelarusProtest 🚀

Precedence Campaign Disputes ⚖️

The next round of precedence campaign disputes meant to emulate the upcoming Aragon Network DAO. Read more →

Conviction Voting 🗳

The Conviction Funding pilot has seen several proposals approved. The pilot leverages conviction voting, a novel voting mechanism that solves many common problems with token voting. Read more →

DAO owned Twitter accounts! 🐦

Jorge proposed a method of representing liabilities on-chain with NFTs using Aragon Court that would allow DAOs to own Twitter accounts!

HackDAO grows Aragon ecosystem in China 🐼

Typto and friends continue to grow Aragon’s eastern ecosystem with events like HackDAO to educate builders in China about the power of Aragon.

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