Aragon project updates: October 2020

Towards Aragon v2: Aragon Govern, ANJ merger, Snapshot, Aragon Chain sunset, ANT v2, and much more!

Hey everyone!

October has been the month of Aragon v2. But what’s Aragon v2?

Let’s jump right in!

Aragon v2 ✌️

Aragon v2 marks the next evolution of the Aragon project where DAOs are optimistic, the ecosystem is protocol-centric, and the Aragon Network DAO becomes sovereign. Read more →

Aragon Govern 🦅

Aragon Govern is a new developer-focused DAO framework that packs years of learnings into 500 lines of code. An unaudited developer preview was launched at the end of October. Read more →

ERC-3000: The optimistic voting standard 📝

ERC-3k is a new optimistic governance standard authored by Jorge Izquierdo of Aragon One and Fabian Marino of Snapshot Labs. Read more →

ANT v2 upgrade & liquidity rewards ✨

ANT is undergoing an opt-in upgrade to bring it up to modern ERC-20 standards for efficiency. ANT v2 will be required to participate in Aragon Network governance votes and uses 66% less gas. Upgrade your ANT at →

To ensure liquidity for ANT v1 moves to ANT v2 there are two new ANT v2 liquidity rewards programs currently active on Uniswap and Balancer. Start staking at or read more here →

Aragon Association and Balancer Labs commit $200k for Snapshot Labs collaboration 🤝

Balancer Labs and the Aragon Association will be working together on taking Snapshot to the next level. We will both contribute to the codebase and sponsor a sizable amount of bounties. Read more →

ANT <> ANJ merger proposal & timeline 📜

On October 5th, Aragon One submitted a proposal to ANT holders that would merge ANJ back into ANT and make ANT the native token used in Aragon Court. On October 12th, the proposal was withdrawn by Aragon One, pending further review from the community. A town hall was held by Aragon One to discuss the potential merger with the community. Currently, the community is awaiting an updated proposal from Aragon One.

Sunsetting Aragon Chain 🌅

Aragon One submitted a proposal to discontinue the development of Aragon Chain and ARA and instead focus on off-chain scaling solutions like Optimistic Snapshot or other sidechains. The proposal passed with 134.85k ANT (90.75%) ‘Yes’ votes and 13.75k ANT ‘No’ votes (9.25%). You can read the full proposal that passed here →

PoweredByAragon ⚡️

🧮 mStable forks Curve Finance’s voting mechanisms built on aragonOS!

🥧 PieDAO becomes the biggest DAO by AUM and members on!

👻 AavegotchiDAO’s DAICO has its first proposal hit quorum!

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