Aragon project updates: November 2020

ANT/ANJ merge votes, Aragon Protocol, ANT v2 upgrade milestones

Hey everyone,

In November, the Aragon community made several key decisions about its future.

Key decisions made:

  1. To deploy a new version of Aragon Court called Aragon Protocol that uses ANT as its staking token instead of ANJ.

  2. To offer ANJ holders a conversion rate of 0.044 ANT/ANJ with the requirement of locking up and activating their ANT for one year.

  3. To offer ANJ holders a conversion rate of 0.015 ANT/ANJ without any lockup requirements.

Let's dive into these decisions, how they were made, and why they matter.

Voting timeline & events 🗓

Stage 1: ANT vote on proposal to Deploy Aragon Protocol

  • Nov 2: Aragon One introduces proposal to launch Aragon Protocol with ANT as its staking token for the community to review

  • Nov 2: Aragon Association publishes a lightweight process for votes relating to the future of Aragon Court (Aragon Protocol) and related ANJ/ANT merge votes.

  • Nov 5: Aragon One publishes "From Aragon Court to Aragon Protocol."

  • Nov 6: Aragon One holds a town hall to discuss their proposal with the community.

  • Nov 9: Aragon Association starts binding vote on Snapshot asking ANT holders to vote on Aragon One's proposal and answer the question: "Should Aragon One deploy Aragon Protocol with ANT as its staking token?"

  • Nov 11: Proposal passes with 95.65% support 'Yes' support from 106.59k ANT

Stage 2: Community proposals on The Future of Aragon Court'

  • Nov 16: Final proposals are due from the community. The Aragon Association freezes proposals and prepares them for the ballot.

Stage 3: ANJ poll on The Future of Aragon Court

  • Nov 13: Delphi digital introduced multiple proposals for the community to review potential conversion rates between ANJ/ANT.

  • Nov 16: The Aragon Association held a non-binding signaling poll for ANJ holders on the proposals to inform ANT holders before they voted on the binding decision.

  • Nov 16: Town hall held for ANJ holders to discuss the proposals with the authors and community.

  • Nov 18: ANJ poll ends with ANJ holders signaling their support to merge ANJ with ANT at a conversion rate of 0.044 ANT/ANJ. Read the poll results summary.

Stage 4: Final ANT votes on The Future of Aragon Court

  • Nov 18: The Aragon Association starts binding votes for ANT holders to decide the ANJ/ANT conversion rate with a required 1-year lockup period. 

  • Nov 20: Vote ends with the winning rate of 0.044 ANT/ANJ (1-year lockup).

  • Nov 23: The Aragon Association starts binding votes for ANT holders to decide the ANJ/ANT conversion rate with no lockup period. 

  • Nov 25: Vote ends with the winning rate of 0.015 ANT/ANJ (no lockup).

  • Nov 25: All planned votes related to ANJ/ANT merge are completed.

Currently, the Aragon Association and Aragon One are implementing smart contracts and interfaces to facilitate the conversion process from ANJ to ANT at the decided rates. More announcements on this front are coming soon, so keep an eye out for those on Twitter and Discord.

The ANJ/ANT merge accounted for most of the community's activity last month, but let's see what else happened in November!

From Aragon Court to Aragon Protocol 🚀

Aside from the merger, new details about the next evolution of Aragon Court, Aragon Protocol, were published by Aragon One.

TL;DR: Write protocols, simple or complex, in English without a single line of code 🤯

Check it out!

Upgraded ANT nears 60% 📈

The upgrade to ANT v2 is nearing 60% after a little over a month. If you haven't upgraded your ANT v1 yet, you can upgrade in minutes at

Hard copy manifesto and whitepaper, anyone? ✨

Jorge shared these cool one-pagers of the Aragon manifesto and OG whitepaper from 2016. Crazy how time flies!

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one!

Jack & Luis

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