Aragon Project Updates: May 2021

All the latest news on Aragon Voice, Vocdoni, V2 and lots more!

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The Aragon Update for May is here! Our team has been very busy these past few months launching lots of new products. As well as welcoming new teammates, we have launched Aragon Voice and Vocdoni on Mainnet, as well as onboarding a number of exciting partnerships.

Let’s jump in.

Launch of Aragon Voice

Aragon Voice is a new gasless, permissionless, and universally verifiable voting solution.

For the first time ever, anyone with an Ethereum address can design and implement On-Chain Proposals for their ERC20 project, where votes can be cast without gas fees, and are recorded as metadata both to Ethereum and IPFS, or Signaling Proposals that use a centralized backend but are universally verifiable on our custom vote-counting blockchain, Vochain.

Only On-Chain Proposal creators need to pay the gas costs of deploying the information to Mainnet. 👉

Look out for new features coming soon 👀:

  • Anonymous Voting

  • Quadratic Voting

  • Other newer forms of voting

We would like as much feedback on Voice as possible if you have any feedback, features or suggestions you can leave it here → #Voice

Launch of Vocdoni

The team has been busy over the past few months and we are also pleased to announce the release of Vocdoni: a platform providing governance solutions such as AGM ballots for organizations using cutting-edge voting technology.

The platform will allow all entities to:

1) Create decentralized accounts.

2) Define eligible voters.

3) Create simple voting processes that make use of Vocdoni’s voting protocol in a similar way to Aragon Voice.

4) Allow end-users to vote without the need of an account using predefined credentials that unencrypt the private keys to sign votes.

Please add an organization and share it with any communities, businesses, NGOs & charities that may benefit. The platform with be free until October 2021.


In case you haven’t met them yet, meet the Vocdoni team here →

Voting in Discord

Another exciting development is it will soon be possible to vote on community proposals in Discord. Aragon are partnering with who have built the integration and we look forward to bringing feeless, ‘optimistic’ voting to the heart of many DAO communities.

Aragon to Sponsor Gitcoin Grants

The Aragon Association is pleased to announce that they will be supporting the next two rounds of Gitcoin Grants in their new Decentralized Governance (dGov) category. Read more →

Aragon v2

We know how excited the community is about Aragon v2 so look out for more updates soon. We will be releasing an update on Aragon Govern and a roadmap shortly.

Check Out the New Aragon Blog

Since our acquisition of Vocdoni, we have been working hard to integrate both teams. One step towards this is our new blog, which merges both news streams so you can stay up to date in one place.

Aragon Community Call 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼

In case you missed the last Aragon Community Call you can watch it back here. Join us today the 2nd of June (5 pm GMT+1) where we will be discussing:

  • Aragon & Witnet: Gasless DAO Management on Discord Read more →

  • Aragon Court's escrow solution.

  • Gitcoin Grants Program: dGov projects' category Read more →

The live stream can be joined here:

Open Roles

We currently have a number of open roles within the team. If you think you would be a good fit or know anyone who might be suitable please let them know where to find us. #💪jointhefight

See Open Roles

Other news

We would like community feedback on our new Aragon Governance Proposal (AGP-v2) Read more →

With all of the new developments, we would ask for as much feedback as possible. Let us know what you love and what you would like to see changed.

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