Aragon project updates: May 2020

A thesis on Aragon DAOs, what's a DAO page, ChainBridge, Reddit communities, Aragon Agreements architecture...

Hello ara-friend!

Builders keep building. Let’s get into what happened during May in ara-land!

A thesis on Aragon DAOs, by Joel Monegro 📃

Joel Monegro, partner at Placeholder and author of the Fat Protocols thesis, has released his thesis on Aragon DAOs.

DAOs collapse the cost of creating and managing organizations by replacing slow and expensive paper contracts with fast and cheap smart contracts. With lower costs and higher speeds, we unlock new levels of organizational scale. We can have a larger number of small organizations where setting up a legal entity is far too expensive to be worth it (think larger than a facebook group, but smaller than a company)

It is possibly the best primer on DAOs, Aragon and the Aragon Network. Stop reading this and go read the thesis! Read the thesis →

What’s a DAO 🔮

Defining what DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) truly means is not an easy task. After deeply reflecting on what a DAO is, we have put together a beautiful lading page to explain it. Feedback is welcome! Check it out →

A step towards Aragon Chain: ChainBridge 🌉

ChainSafe, a team well-known for having some of the best layer 1 talent — working on Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum Classic, Cosmos and Polkadot — has announced the release of ChainBridge. ChainBridge allows for inter-chain communication, and it will allow Aragon Chain to be interoperable with Ethereum. Sending tokens, having an Aragon Chain DAO interact with DeFi on Ethereum… the sky is the limit! Read more →

Reddit communities 🌐

Reddit has rolled out cryptocurrencies for select subreddits. This comes months after Daonuts — a project to DAOify r/ethtrader — came out and acted as the Guinea pig for these new community currencies. Reddit’s announcement is big for the DAO movement, validating community currencies — which are a key building block to introducing the incentivization and governance systems that DAOs bring.

Read more about Daonuts →

Aragon Agreements architecture ⚖️

Aragon Agreements will enable DAOs to hold a subjective set of rules, which cannot be encoded into smart contracts, to govern actions performed within the DAO. It’s the glue between Aragon DAOs and Aragon Court! Developers have been heads down nailing down the details of the technical architecture, and writing documentation about how to write Disputable apps — apps that use Aragon Agreements.

Read more about the Agreements architecture →

How to create Disputable apps →

BrightID case study ☀️

The BrightID Main DAO is a Membership DAO that encompasses several specialized sub-DAOs that develop a social identity network called BrightID. It’s one of the most interesting case studies of how a community can come together and organize thanks to Aragon. Read more →

Collab19 distributing funds to fight COVID-19 ⛑

Collab19, a DAO created to fight against the current COVID-19 outbreak, has already donated $800 towards different initiatives. Read more →

The sorry state of crypto UX 🤯

After helping build HelpDAO, I realized how terrible crypto UX still is. How are we supposed to help vulnerable groups if there’s a 10% markup on donations because of gas and onramps? How are mainstream users going to use these products?

Read about the sorry state of crypto UX →

DAO rush week! 🏠

DAO rush week is a list of virtual events where DAOs open their doors and onboard new contributors. Check out some of their events: PieDAO, LexDAO, Cyber, Collab19... Check all events →

Other updates 🚀