Aragon project updates: March 2020

1,250 DAOs with $19m worth of assets, #PoweredByAragon, Placeholder ANT economics post, Coinbase Custody, Aragon Court back in session... what a month!

Hello ara-friend!

We have migrated the monthly Aragon updates over to Substack, for a better newsletter experience. Now let’s jump into things, it’s been quite a month!

1,250 DAOs with $19m worth of assets 🦅

Growth in Aragon organizations has been increasing a lot lately — especially in terms of assets under their management. Because of that, we decided to release a new campaign… #PoweredByAragon! It features some of the communities that are using Aragon now. Check them out →

Placeholder releases their ANT thesis 📈

The investment firm Placeholder, long-time friend of Aragon, has released the best primer out there on ANT economics. They have also increased their ANT position.

Read their take on ANT →

ANT listed on Coinbase Custody 🏦

Coinbase Custody is trusted by investment firms like a16z Crypto, Placeholder, and Polychain Capital. With this addition, ANT is now supported by the two biggest crypto custody platforms: Coinbase Custody and Anchorage.

Read more →

Aragon Court is back in session! 👩‍⚖️

A few months ago, the community introduced a program called App Mining to reward developers building on Aragon. Now Aragon Court will rule if applications to the program meet the criteria for those rewards.

Check out the guide for developers →

Check out the guide for jurors →

Aragon had a brand refresh! ✨

New logo, new font, new shapes… it’s all brand-new! See the new brand →

ANT <> ANJ converter is live 🔄

You can now easily convert between ANT and ANJ by interacting directly with its bonding curve. Try it →

Dragon Quest 🐉

Aragon is a proud sponsor of the Dragon Quest hackathon organized by MetaCartel. Participate →

Other updates 🚀

  • Aragon 0.8.9 released with cool new Agent app features including a new frontend interface and NFT support

  • For April Fools Day, we shipped a Dictatorship template on Aragon Nightly; the template was a joke, but the threats to life and liberty from authoritarian governments are definitely not funny!

  • 1Hive shipped a new Aragon Court stats widget for the Court Dashboard

  • Tenderly co-founder Bogdan Habic published a post about how to monitor Aragon organizations using Tenderly

  • Aragon One CTO Brett Sun shared the story of how the Aragon + Tenderly integration came to be

  • MESG co-founder Nicolas Mahe announced the completion of Milestone 2 for the Aragon + MESG integration

  • aragonCLI v7.1.2 released along with a major upgrade to the AragonApp react boilerplate

  • Aaron Foster published an aragonCLI setup guide

  • All Aragon Devs #43, #44, and #45 call videos and notes published; learn how to join future calls here