Aragon Project Updates: June 2021

All the latest news in the Aragon Project from the Month of June

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Welcome to the Aragon Project updates for the month of June. We have plenty of exciting updates...a brand new dGov category we've sponsored in the last Gitcoin Round GR10; new team members joining the Aragon family; new resources around transparency; new exciting content on the Aragon's blog.

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Updated Association Page 🔍

The Aragon Project tries to maintain as much transparency with the community as possible. With this in mind, check out the updated Aragon Association page (the legal steward of the Aragon Project) which gives more details on the Treasury, transparency and the Committee. This builds on top of the budget DAO and look out for the Transparency Report which will be released this month.👀

Gitcoin Grants

The Aragon Project was pleased to sponsor the new Gitcoin Grant dGov category. The Aragon Project gave a grant of 50k which has been distributed to 16 projects looking to further the dGov space. Congratulations to all that received funding!

Product Updates

Aragon Govern

Optimistic Governance for DAOs is our pioneering framework for frictionless DAO governance with on-chain execution and plug-in dispute resolution.

Optimistic Governance is an extremely efficient and scalable way of managing DAOs, optimized for action. A lazy consensus ensures that uncontroversial decisions can be made quickly and often, without voter exhaustion, but malicious or divisive proposals can be resolved in a fair and transparent way when necessary.

We have just released Govern on the Rinkeby Testnet and will be releasing on Mainnet in July 2021.

Aragon Court

Look out for announcements alongside Aragon Govern for the release of Aragon Court which will also be coming this month. See More→

Cross chain❎

You may have seen the poll we put out asking which chain the community would like to see deployed first. We asked and you answered: the first chain we will be working towards is Polygon. Look out for more announcements and polls coming soon.

Community call

Re-watch the 7th of July community call where we discussed:

🗳️ Vocdoni Ballot Protocol Read More→

💻 Aragon Govern Demo Read More→

📜 Transparency Report + more exciting news to be shared

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Aragon Content

15 Ways the World is being Transformed by DAOs

Wondering what is happening in the world of DAOs? Look no further than our new Article detailing 15 Ways the world is being Transformed by DAOs from Politics to Art and Asset Management. If you see any missing, let us know.

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Aragon Careers 👪

Meet the New Team Members

We have Welcomed a number of new team members over the past few months and we are pleased to introduce two more, meet Daniel (Head of Governance) and Ivan (Head of Partnerships). Look out for more new team announcements over the next month.

Welcoming Daniel the Aragon Projects new Head of Governance

Welcoming Ivan the Aragon Projects new Head of Partnerships

We are currently hiring for 11 roles. Apply or let us know if you know someone who would be a good fit. #Jointhefight


Other Highlights:

News From the community

DAOs eating the world - API3DAO completing the stack with decentralized APIs - dAPIs. First-party oracles and aligned incentives for dAPI providers. Built on Aragon.


Luis (Aragon Co-founder) joined Decrypt Daily - Discussing Voting on Blockchain & The Crypto Giving Economy (Apple | Spotify | Soundcloud)

Aragon also stopped by @ladzcity to discuss the emergence of DAOs, creating tools for community builders, and much more!


Coming soon Aragon Ambassadors

Check out the Latest Aragon Voice Proposals and Results

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