Aragon Project Updates - July 2021

All the latest news at the Aragon Project for the Month of July

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Welcome to the Aragon Project updates for July 2021. We will cover some of the new DAOs that are launching on Aragon, dive into the latest Transparency Report, meet a few new team members and link to new educational content on DAOs you can share with your crypto-curious friends!

Calling all ANT holders! Make sure to vote on Aragon Voice for the new interim Council to manage Aragon Court.

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Aragon DAOs - Top Picks

Meet some of the new DAOs that have joined the Aragon ecosystem. This month we have had announcements from Uno Re, Zebpay, API3 and more!

Uno Re will partner with Aragon to develop a reputation-based DAO to serve as a decentralized dispute resolution management body of experts for the reinsurance industry. 🔐

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We're excited to see Zebpay's woman-led DAO coming alive, built on Aragon. Initially, projects that female-only members choose to invest in will be funded by Zebpay, but eventually, the DAO will raise its own capital and crowdfund social-impact projects.

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Along with lots more DAOs powered by Aragon, check them out on DeepDAO

Aragon Community Call

Join us for the next community call on the 4th of August where we will be talking about our:

  • Product Roadmap 🛣️

  • KPI Options 🤝

  • Next steps for Decentralizing the Aragon Project 👟

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Aragon Voice

Check out all the latest votes on Aragon Voice our new Gasless Voting solution!

Also vote on the new Interim Council for Aragon Court. This Council will be managing the Aragon Court development before it is passed over to the Aragon Network DAO. The Council will be made up of five members who have all made their pitches here:

New Council DAO for Aragon Court v2

Reminder that your vote is FREE and you can vote until Sunday the 1st of August.

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Aragon Transparency 🔍

The latest Aragon Association Transparency report is now live! This bi-annual report provides the Aragon community extensive detail on the Aragon Project including:

  • Product updates

  • Product roadmaps

  • Aragon Project portfolio

  • Aragon Association finances

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Welcome New Team members

We have welcomed a number of new team members over the past month:

Andrew Ridge - Senior Content Writer (Aragon Association)

Jordi P.Aulet - Technical Product Manger (Aragon Labs)

Marta Sancho - Product Manger (Aragon Labs)

Alex Flores - Full Stack Developer (Aragon Labs)

We are still actively hiring for a number of new roles. If you think you fit the description or know anyone who would, please do get in touch.

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Aragon Content

Have you ever tried to explain to a friend or family member what a DAO is? For future reference, look no further than our new article explaining ‘How to DAO’ for beginners. Share far and wide to level-up your people.

And in case you missed it check out the 15 ways the world is being transformed by DAOS.

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