Aragon project updates: July 2020

Launching ANT liquidity rewards, Hack for Freedom, new documentation for developers, Curve Finance powered by Aragon, and more!

Hey everyone!

July was a month with many things happening all across the ecosystem, with a strong focus on developer experience and liquidity.

ANT liquidity rewards πŸ€‘

We are thrilled to announce Aragon's first foray into ANT liquidity rewards. Following in the footsteps of other great DeFi projects such as Synthetix, that pioneered the concept of liquidity rewards, the Aragon Association has decided to launch our own ANT liquidity rewards program.

The rewards clock starts ticking Wed July 22nd at 3pm UTC. Even before that, liquidity on Uniswap has skyrocketed! Participate β†’

Hack for Freedom is on fire πŸ”₯

More than 20 teams are working on building next-generation DAOs and tools.

Join the chat β†’

New Aragon Connect docs πŸ“š

The new documentation is amazing, and if you are a developer this is for you!

Check it out β†’

Permissions & transaction forwarding diagram

More and more projects #PoweredByAragon πŸš€

Curve Finance was the latest addition in the DeFi pack to announce they are using Aragon. Pillar Wallet also announced their Aragon DAO.

Aragon tops the charts for DAO platforms πŸ†

Twitter avatar for @DeepDAO_ioDeepDAO @DeepDAO_io
Party time! We're adding @AragonProject to our dashboard at πŸ₯β€οΈπŸ₯ The #1 DAO framework dominates the top of our rankings in total USD value πŸ’° 2nd celebration: our dashboard grows to 26 DAOs. Top 100 are just around the corner πŸ₯³πŸŒŠ DAOs are so alive ❀️ Image

ANT on Messari πŸ”

We knew being transparent was a must ever since our token sale in May 2017.

Fast forward to today, we are very happy with our investment in transparency. Trust is something you cannot measure, but you know it's there.

The Aragon Association wants to continue building on that trust. That is why we are happy to announce that ANT has joined the Messari Disclosures Registry.

Read more β†’

More developer tools βš”οΈ

Other updates πŸš€